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Your Immigration Lawyer, Colorado Springs

Guillermo Garibay of Garibay Law is your immigration lawyer and criminal lawyer of choice in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Garibay provides professional, knowledgeable and aggressive representation in matters of immigration law and criminal law.

Garibay is an established lawyer with nearly 40 years of experience in immigration and criminal law.

Immigration Laws are Complicated

We understand how complicated our immigration laws are and how frustrating it can be in trying to obtain immigration benefits. Making a simple mistake could mean the difference between staying in the United States and being forced to leave with country – with or without your family.

Immigration Legal Services

immigration attorney colorado springs

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Garibay Law specializes in immigration law in Colorado Springs, CO. We can help you with immigration issues that may include:

  • Family-based Immigration. They’ll help your family unite or keep them together using available immigration tools.
  • Green Card, Work Permit, Deferred Action for Students Renewal. Let Garibay Law help you navigate through the renewal process.
  • Removal, Deportation Proceedings. We will appear with you in immigration court to keep you in this country.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We will work to help your student (or former student) to remain in the country and seek employment.
  • U Visas for Crime Victims. Are you a crime victim? We will help you pursue a U Visa to keep you in this country and pursue a work permit.
  • Naturalization/Citizenship. We’ll help you fulfill your dream of becoming an American Citizen.
  • Criminal Defense. We’ll help you understand the implications of a criminal conviction and work to minimize any consequences associated with such criminal action.

Personal and Professional Attention

Guillermo Garibay is an immigration lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO. He has strong reputation in providing knowledgeable assistance in immigration cases in the Colorado Springs, CO area.

At Garibay Law, you’ll meet and work closely with the attorney and paralegal that is handling your immigration or criminal case. Our Colorado Springs law office is dedicated to helping you achieve the best results, while addressing your individual needs and concerns.

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Legal Expertise

* Family-based Immigration Visas
* Green Card Renewal
* Deferred Action for Youth
* U-Visas, VAWA Cases
* Deportation Cases
* Asylum Cases
* Naturalization Cases
* Criminal-related Immigration Cases
* Immigration/Criminal Advise

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