Garibay Law immigration lawywer colorado springsGaribay Law provides immigration and naturalization law legal services and criminal defense legal services in Colorado Springs, CO area.

Immigration and Naturalization Law

Our Colorado Springs immigration lawyer office specializes in the following immigration and naturalization law services:

  • Family-based Immigration. Using available tools such as fiancé visas, consular processing and adjustments of status, we help families unite, and stay together.
  • Renewal of Green Cards, Work Permits, Deferred Action for Students.
  • Deportation, Removal Proceedings. Are you facing the threat of deportation? If so, we will appear with you in immigration court and fight to keep you in this country. If your removal is triggered by a criminal conviction, we’ll aggressively investigate ways to help you stay in the United States.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Do you have a student, or former student that entered the United States unlawfully? If so, they may be eligible for deferred action. This would allow them to remain in the country and seek employment. Let us help you with the application so that you’ll best chance of keeping your student here in the United States. If your deferred action is expiring, let us handle the renewal process for you.
  • U Visas for Crime Victims. Are you a crime victim? Have you been subject to domestic violence? If so, you may be eligible for a U Visa. This visa protects you from being deported. It allows you to get a work permit and begin your lawful status here in the United States.
  • Naturalization/Citizenship. Are you a legal permanent resident, who is ready to fulfill your dream of becoming an American Citizen? We can help you in this process by helping you understand what you need to do to become a citizen and by preparing your application.
  • Criminal Defense. Having a criminal conviction can have serious implications for immigrants wishing to remain in the United States. At Garibay Law, we help you to understand what can happen to your immigration status. We then work to minimize any consequences associated with such criminal action.

Criminal Law

Garibay Law specializes in the following criminal law services:garibay law for criminal lawyer colorado springs co

  • Drug Offenses. The last thing you want is a drug conviction that could result in a felony conviction. Such a conviction could damage your career, family life, and land you in prison for quite some time. Garibay Law has achieved numerous drug case dismissals in the past and they’ll work hard to do the same for you. We’ll work to have your drug charges dropped to non-drug related charges instead.
  • Drunk Driving. Drunk driving laws are getting tougher and tougher. One mistake and you could be paying for it the rest of your life. Don’t let that happen to you. Let Garibay Law provide you an aggressive defense when you are accused of a DUI or DWAI.
  • Violent Crimes. Assault, domestic violence and homicide are considered “violent” crimes. Being convicted of an offense labeled domestic violence can result in serious lifelong consequences.  Some violent crimes carry mandatory prison sentences. If you’re accused of a violent crime in the Colorado Springs, CO area, put Garibay Law to work for you. Garibay will apply their nearly 40 years of legal knowledge to your defense.
  • Sex Crimes. Did you know that many sex crimes carry an indefinite prison sentence? Such a charge against you could change your life forever. If ever you’re accused of a sex crime, put Garibay Law’s extensive legal experience to work for you.

Decades Of Experience Working For You

Garibay Law’s Guillermo Garibay has nearly 40 years of legal experience handling cases just like yours.

As the former head of the Colorado Springs and Durango, CO Public Defender’s Office, he holds extensive court and trial experience. He has tried and won cases ranging from deportation.. simple traffic violations.. all the way to felony murder.

Garibay understands the fears and concerns that you may have. He’ll be your advocate and will work to aggressively protect your rights.

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